Blackburn Run 4 Others

This past weekend was the Blackburn Run 4 Others 5k race. This is a beautiful race in Winona Lake, Indiana and it helps raise funds for Water for Good ( Water for Good is a nonprofit organization that builds wells in the Central African Republic (CAR). They help provide clean water to communities who previously did not have access to clean water. The race raised enough money to provide a clean water well to one community in the CAR.

The race started out on the shores of Winona Lake, then went into a wooded area, through a neighborhood, and then back to the shores of Winona Lake. It was a muggy morning. We started out at a quick pace. At the 1st mile marker I was in 6th place overall. I stayed in this position for the remainder of the race. The winner of the race was a college student who was just going on an “easy” run.

The race awards were unique. They were created by MudLOVE ( Purchases made from MudLOVE also aid in raising funds for clean water in the Central African Republic.


Overall, today was a great racing experience! I will continue to run their races in the future, and The Running Brothers Company may consider sponsoring future events.


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