Late Father’s Day Post

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. This is a post dedicated to those fathers who run! We understand this post is late- considering Father’s Day was last Sunday. We may have forgotten about the holiday. I chalk it up to typical male behavior- forgetting holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc…If it weren’t for my wife, I would have forgotten about the holiday, and I would most likely forget my own birthday! 🙂  We do consider the role of the father in the household as important, and we thought we should still do a post dedicated to running fathers. Better late than never!

Running fathers have to balance family time, work, and running. Running fathers may inadvertently go on a run when the time is needed to spend with their family. Often fathers who run will wake early to run before anyone is awake, or wait until their children are asleep to sneak in a few miles. Some dads will run pushing their little ones in strollers. One of the toughest parts of being a dad and runner is there are times when dads will have to wake up super early to run or go on their run super late- but it is worth it!!

Running fathers should prioritize their families first. This is extremely important! However, their children and wives will thank them for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing their best to to ensure they have a long and healthy life on this planet.

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