Summer Running!

10 reasons why summer running is great…

  1. Post run ice cream (or slushies!)

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a cold ice cream after a hot run. Plus, you just burned a ton of calories- you need the food. Enjoy!

  1. Trail running

Trail running…what can I say…its great every season! In the summer, you have to face the heat and the flies in the Midwest- but it is so worth it! This photo says it all (though not as great as the view in person!):

Image may contain: sky, mountain, tree, cloud, plant, outdoor and nature

  1. Running through sprinklers

In the heat of the summer, cooling off in a sprinkler is great. Even if it may not be “socially acceptable” for a full-grown adult to run through a stranger’s sprinkler.

  1. Less layers

Gone are the days of having to wear layers and layers of clothes to say warm. Minimal clothing is acceptable. This is great, since there is less laundry to do!

  1. Running in the daylight

If you are like the author, you work an 8-5 day job. In the winter, this is a real drag on running, since it usually is dark when I head out the door ☹. Summer is a great time to run in daylight and soak in the vitamin D!

  1. Strength in numbers

More runners on the road! I find most people end up being “fair weather” runners, or they retreat to a treadmill in the winter (not this author though!). More people get outside to run in the summer- this is a great time to catch up with old friends while hitting the trails or streets.

  1. Festival races

In the Midwest, there is a festival in a nearby small town just about every weekend. Each of these festivals are accompanied by a 5k. It is a great time to test out your 5k speed in a race, and then eat great fried recovery food afterwards! In a nearby small town, they have a Blueberry festival. I ran the 5k in the morning, and then searched for blueberries.  No actual blueberries could be found! Only fried fair food goodness!

  1. Post run jump in a body of water

The Midwest has a number of awesome lakes. After a run in hot and humid weather, jump in the lake. Just watch out for the fresh water sharks– Just kidding, this is a fake news site!

  1. Burn more calories in the heat

Per this article, you burn more calories running in the heat. This means more room for the after run ice cream!

  1. Summer rains

When it is warm outside, a nice run in the rain is refreshing. I love it when it is about 80 degrees and there is a nice rain to cool you off during the run. As opposed to miserable and cold fall/spring rains, a summer rain is very enjoyable!

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