Bring on Pikes Peak!

Sam and I are planning to run up Pikes Peak on August 7th (tentatively). Sam will then do the descent. Unfortunately, being midwesterns, we are ill-prepared to take on the elevations and the unforgiving ascent.

We are preparing for the grueling haul. Sam has been doing treadmill workouts with a steep grade. I have decided to eat gummy bears while I run up sandy hills in Northwest Indiana. After the workout, I prepare my lungs by jumping into a body of water on a flooded trail and seeing how long I can hold my breath. I figure this will help my lungs prepare for the elevation change 😊. The pain is real folks!

The Barr Trail is 12.6 miles long, and will be a fun but difficult trek. I have been working hills and sand dunes in Indiana, but nothing we have will prepare us adequately for the elevation changes. The most we can do is train, stay fit, and be sure to bring adequate nutrition for the run. I’ve hiked up the Pikes Peak three times, and I don’t think getting to the top will be an issue. I might eat those words.

PP warning

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