Screw your Shoes!

Winter time means snow, ice, and slippery conditions. How do you prevent yourself from pulling a hamstring or bruising your bottom from slipping on your run? What do you do to increase grip on the ice when even your trail shoes slip? There are many systems out there to increase traction on your shoes while running, but I have found that the most comfortable and effective method for me is also the cheapest and is easy to do at home: Place some screws in your shoes! Here’s how:

For less than a couple of dollars, pick up some #6 x 3/8 inch hex washer screws at your local hardware store.
Hex screwNow you can purchase some more expensive, longer lasting screws, but for $2 I really won’t mind replacing any worn or missing screws.

You can use your normal running shoes. Don’t worry, the screws won’t hurt them. Some people use their trail shoes. Other people (like me), just use the previous season’s pair of running shoes.

Now to pick where to place them. You want to place 7-12 screws in each shoe. Locate them around the shoe in the forefoot and heel in the thickest treads. I don’t place them mid-foot, since that tends to be the softest part of the shoe, and where you don’t really need traction anyway.


Hindsight I would have placed a few more screws in these shoes, but for now they work well and haven’t had time to make another trip to the hardware store.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to poke yourself while running as long as you place them in the treads and avoid the mid-foot. And if by chance you place one in a wrong spot, just remove it and place it elsewhere. The easiest way to place them is by using a power drill and hex bit like this:

drill bit

After you get them placed, go out for a run and enjoy your new winter kicks! Let us know how they work for you, and if you have any questions about it!

Thank for reading!


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