Running Goals

It happens every year. January 1st rolls around, and millions of people make goals that they know they will not keep. They like to call them “resolutions.” Gyms see a huge uptick in membership. New diet fads are emerging and flying off the shelf. People discover the produce aisle. Desks get cleaned and organized in a promise for a “new you!”

It seems like resolutions were meant to be broken however. That yearly gym membership? It’ll last 2 months. That diet and self help book only has one chapter looked at. That frozen dinner aisle is sooo much easier to cook from, and you’re so tired you’ll just throw it in the microwave. Maybe you wake up early “tomorrow” to hit the gym. But tomorrow never comes. What do we need to do to keep these resolutions?

Runners are not immune to this problem. January rolls around and we start thinking about spring races. Race directors start opening up registration and we start getting “race fever.” We then sign up for races and resolve to “run more”. We make goals to get faster, go longer, and strengthen our core. But we never make it past January then we start slacking off and loose our resolve.

Here are a few tips to help make you keep your resolutions

  1. Be Specific. Generalized goals won’t get realized. A lot of people will say, “Oh, I’m going to get healthy in 2018.” That resolution is so vague, you can’t help but break it! Let’s make it specific: for me, I am going to incorporate more core workout into my routine.
  2. It must be measurable. How do you know you are keeping your resolutions unless you have a way to measure your progress? I can say ” I want to increase my running mileage.” That’s specific, but not measurable. Instead I will say, “I am going to run 1200 miles,” and, “I will do 1 minute planks.”
  3. Set your time frame. Once you have a specific, measurable goal, set a time in which you want to accomplish it. I might even break it down into smaller segments. For me, I want to run 1200 miles this year, which breaks down to 100 miles a month. I will also do one, 1 minute plank every day for the rest of the year.
  4. Put it in writing. Remember, it won’t happen unless it’s in writing. Keeping it in your head will make it prone to forgetting or easy revision. Keep it where you’ll see it. A sticky note on your mirror or screen, an alert on your phone, anywhere where you’ll be reminded regularly of it. And maybe share it with some friends to help keep you accountable.
  5. Finally, it must be YOUR goals. Not your mother’s goals for you, not your wife’s or boyfriends. Your wife wants you to loose weight. It’s not your goal, it will never happen. It has to be goals that YOU make for YOURSELF.

There. Hopefully by following these five simple steps you will be able to realize your goals for 2018. What are your goals for this year? Make a comment below, we’d love to hear about them. Let’s check in at the end of the year to see how we did!

Thanks for reading!





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