10 Things to Know About Distance Running.

Before you start your journey in running I better tell you something; us runners can sometimes be a little bit crazy. To keep you from being too surprised on your first group run, I’ve complied a list of 10 things you should know about us crazy runners.

10. As a runner, expect an unhealthy obsession with shoes (or lack thereof). Males of the group will often be even more obsessed with shoes than the females.

9. Remember; bright neon colors NEVER go out of style.

8. It’s perfectly normal for men to wear yoga pants out in public. In fact, it’s encouraged.

7. It’ll make perfect sense how dieting, pizza and beer go together.

6. It may appear that runners like inflicting pain upon ourselves. We do.

5. It normally takes 2 years to make as good of friends with someone as you can in 10 miles of running. Share a marathon together, and you’ll be friends for life.

4. People who wear technical running gear and expensive running shoes are serious runners. People who run with costumes, funny hats, cotton sweats, sandals, or no shoes at all are even more serious runners.

3. We will always have a body part in pain. And we’ll casually make sure that everyone knows about it. And everyone will have an opinion on how to ‘fix’ it.

2. We don’t really want to know about your race time. What we really want to know is how awful the experience was.

1. You might start running to get fit. You’ll stay running for the friends.





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