Injuries for a runner suck. Period. Anyone who has been running for a length of time knows the dread of an ache or pain that puts you on the sidelines. In this blog post I will discuss three essentials for runners to occupy their time while they are on the sideline.

Strength. Often, injuries happen because a runner has a weaker muscle group. During this time, it is important for the runner to focus on strengthening muscles that may have been neglected. I would recommend once you are back on the trails, to continue to add a strength routine a couple times of week.

Flexibility. Runners have a tendency to not be very limber. Again, it is recommended during the time on the sidelines, and even once you are back up and running again, to work on flexibility, as this will help prevent future injuries. You can even incorporate a short yoga workout to your daily routine.

Plan. Look a few months down the road and plan a goal race! This will help keep you motivated and excited to get back to training once again!

Right now, I’m working through a small injury, but I am looking forward to getting back to running and working to do a few ultras on the back half of 2018. Happy running!

One thought on “Injured?

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